Homeowner Information – Lead Paint

Investing in the property market is the biggest financial commitment many of us make in our lifetime. Cost of lead paint remediation can be significant and a financial burden that many can ill-afford. BB Risk Solutions can help you by risk assessing premises for specific problems and quantifying associated mitigation costs, should they be required.

Lead paint is commonly found on buildings constructed prior to 1992, though more commonly pre 1970.  The pathways of lead exposure are via inhalation and digestion. Subsequently people are more at risk during home renovation works or when encountering paints in poor condition.

Paint removal by blasting, burning, dry scraping, dry sanding and using power tools creates the most serious dangers because the particles are small enough to be inhaled or deposited in furnishings or carpet, making complete removal extremely difficult.

Lead can accumulate in the body. If the lead levels in the body get too high then some of the effects can be severe, especially in children and during pregnancy. Childhood lead poisoning, can have lifelong health impacts including: learning disabilities, anaemia, and disorders in coordination, visual, spatial and language skills.

There is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe for adults or children. Lead paint can be found in the interiors and exteriors of homes, schools, public and commercial buildings, as well as on furniture.

The presence of lead paint can have huge implications to health of occupants and finances of owners. So, if you are planning a home renovation or repaint, call BB Risk Solutions today for advice and assistance with lead paint inspections and quantifying the risk to your project.

Our Services:

BB Risk Solutions can conduct lead paint inspections and find practical solutions to ensure a safe working and home environment.

  • Identification – we conduct assessments to identify lead paints at home and in the workplace
  • Compliance – we assist you in complying with relevant legislation and develop suitable management strategies
  • Methodologies – whether you want to patch and repair flaking paint, or require removal of whole surfaces, we can develop methodologies to suit individual project needs, including time and budget restraints
  • Removal – We work closely with a variety of experienced specialised lead paint contractors and can manage the whole process from start to finish

For more information or to arrange an inspection by one of our trained and competent surveyors, please call 03 852 814 05 or visit our website www.bbrisksolutions.com.au